Feature film shooting in Nepal

Feature film shooting in Nepal is easy and cost-friendly if you are choosing locations in Nepal.
Locations like Temples, old palaces, cities, the Himalayas, green mountains, villages, rivers, lakes, roads, woods, etc. are available within a few miles. Studios with the facility of hotels, road transportation, and also airway services like helicopters and flights are available in the maximum parts of Nepal, logistically all the locations of Nepal are accessible for filming in a weather-friendly environment.

Hiring local artists and crew is accessible while filming feature films in Nepal. The local artists and crews are highly experienced and cost-friendly while filming in Nepal.
The film industry in Nepal is on the rise, providing numerous opportunities to explore and engage with the talents of local artists and film crews

There are various options available in the local market for renting different types of cameras and equipment. Alternatively, you can also bring your own equipment through the airport or border transport after undergoing customs clearance.
To obtain a film permit in Nepal, you need to submit an application which takes approximately 7 to 20 working days for processing. Once approved, you will be granted a film permit along with equipment customs clearance



If you are planning to shoot a film in Nepal and need assistance with location scouting, hiring, and the film permit process, you can contact a local coordinator or filming company in Nepal.
To find a reliable local producer in Nepal who can provide cost-friendly and unique locations, you can reach out to Kathmandu Films at [email protected]. We can assist you with all aspects of production and provide you with a personalized service to ensure your filming experience in Nepal is successful.

Celebrity Charity Exposed

Kathmandu Films Collaboration

Kathmandu Films begins with the promise of rising to the occasion and delivering the best service to our clients. We value our clients the most and we are very conscious of the fact that building a relationship is the key to success and that can only be achieved through transparent and professional conduct. Kathmandu Films has been providing total film support and service in Nepal since 2007 and we take pride in our flexibility to work to suit all kinds of budget. Line Production, Fixing, Translation, Research, Location, Logistic support and Investigation among others make us a complete and one stop filming service provider in Nepal.

This January, we collaborated with Lulu Sanders from LA, USA for filming her reality TV show called ‘Celebrity Charity Exposed’, which was majorly focused on showing what celebrities are doing for charities. The Nepal edition showcased one such celebrity, Petra Nemcova, who lost her fiancé in a tsunami and founded ‘Happy Hearts Fund’, with the aim to help natural calamity-inflicted people all around the world. Happy Hearts Fund, in collaboration with All Hands Volunteers, has been building schools all around Nepal, after the country was shaken and devastated by the major earthquake of April 2015.

We traveled to Sindhupalchowk and Nuwakot, the most affected districts, where the schools are still being constructed, some being on the verge of completion. The shoot was a total of 3 days, with constant travel to different schools filming the progress and interviewing the students and the teachers. Every school greeted the gang of foreigners with garlands and flowers, but so were all the filming crew respected and greeted, showing the hospitality that Nepal is so eminent about. Various musical programs and games entertained the guests who came all the way and have been constantly helping to build Nepal and make it better.

Something that really fascinated all of us was what we saw at Shree Bachchhala Devi School in Nuwakot, where volunteers from over 28 countries have been volunteering to build the school for around 3 months and were wearing traditional Dhaka Topi, during the School Handover Program. Overall, it was a great experience for the filming team as well as everyone who were part of the short but fruitful trip. Kathmandu Films prides itself to be a part of such a wonderful filming experience and take Nepalese cinematics around the world, spreading a positive message. Kathmandu Films welcomes you all to come to Nepal and work with us. Let us fix and film together because your satisfaction is our honor.