Our Story

Kathmandu Films was founded in 2007 in the heart of Kathmandu, Nepal. Since then, we went on to become one of the best filmmaking companies in Nepal, renowned for making high-quality TVC, films, documentaries, motion graphics. Our major aim is to promote brands, cultures, and reality through engaging and emotional visuals.

During our journey of 21 years, we have been able to make our mark in the film industry of Nepal. We take care of all the needs such as filming equipment, fixing, production, and getting permits and license. With an experienced crew who share the same passion for filmmaking, we share a sense of professionalism as well, to make each project a success.

We have filmed all across Nepal, including Pokhara, Everest, and Mustang. Our full-service includes location scouting, preparing equipment, gathering a proper team, assigning a location manager & cinematographer, working on permits and license. We ensure that we have fresh new ideas, techniques, and technologies to meet the demand of creative hunger that this generation seeks in movies and films.

Whether it is filming, creating TVCs, animations, productions, post-production, and distribution, we always ensure that the deliverables are on time and meet the quality you expect. We are a team you wouldn’t regret working with, we are always prepared to follow the guidelines and work together and improvise.

Start your filming in Nepal, with us.

Our Team
Kathmandu Films - Chandan  Jha

Chandan Jha

Co-Founder & CEO

of Kathmandu Films Pvt Ltd and is globally known as a Director, Line-Producer and Fixer in Nepal who has a eye for perfection and has handled over 200 international companies varying from channels to film makers and has received nothing but compliments for himself in the last 13 years.

Kathmandu Films - Digbijaya Bharati

Digbijaya Bharati

Co-Founder & Managing Director

of Kathmandu Films Pvt Ltd and is known globally known as a Line-Producer, Production Manager, Logistical Head & Investigator and has also thrived for perfection in his filming career and specializes on business expansion and with more than 10 years working experience in filming sector.