How can we pay?
''Cash, International Banking Wire Transfer'' within 30 days after the invoice. If you hire our Crew/Techinican/ Equipment/ Transportation/ Chopper etc, you need to pay to Kathmandu Films with invoice with some adjustments of expenses.

  What is the cancellation policy?
Research: 100% for any services we have done on your project. Fieldwork: No charge before 7 days. 30% before 3days. 50% before 1day. 100% on the day. Rent car: Designated cancellation charges apply when canceling a reservation up to 3 days prior to the rental date.

  Are credit cards accepted in Nepal?
Major hotels, restaurants and curio shops accept AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA and MASTERCARD.

  Do you accept any other currencies?
Major hotels, restaurants and curio shops accept AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA and MASTERCARD.

  Where can I exchange my money in Kathmandu?
Airport, banks, hotels and licensed money changers. All you need is a passport.

  We are an independent production company. Can you assist us?
Independent projects are more than welcomed as long as your budget and filming schedules are agreeable. Please contact us to discuss about your project.

  How much should I tip generally?
It depends. Some include service charge on the services they provide. But generally tipping is necessary.

  What is the percentage of the tax in Nepal?
13% tax will be added on any consumptions or services you get in Nepal.

  Do you accept any other currencies?
We currently accept the payment in Dollar, Euro, Pound and Nepali.

  How long does it take to get a permit?
It usually takes less than a week to obtain a simple permit. Complex cases can take longer. For feature films, TV series, docu­dramas or any fictional stories, it will take about two weeks for the permits.

  What kind of production can apply for a shooting permit?
TV commercials, documentaries, music videos, TV programs, feature films, mini­-series, TV serials, etc. that do not contain unfavorable message about Nepal and its people.

  What documents do I have to submit?
A Letter made by the assigned local coordinator informing the Audio­Visual Section, An assignment letter showing you already chosen and hired a local coordinator. An application form. Supporting documents needed for permit consideration: ◦ Storyboard for TV commercials ◦ Treatment for documentaries ◦ Theme (concept) and Lyrics for music videos ◦ Details of content and objectives of the programme ◦ Presentation for TV programs. ◦ Name­list, passport numbers, positions and arrival dates of all foreign film crews.

  How do I need to pay for the location fees?
Location fees usually negotiable and can be discussed with local coordinators.

  Shooting on private property?
Shooting on private properties is usually down to negotiation of a fee, which varies from building to building. As in any big city, it helps to have the right budget for an ambitious location schedule.

  Does shooting permits cost anything?
The cost of shooting permit is $600 that includes our working days fees. For mountain shooting like Everest area it costs about $1500 for the permit, which includes our allowance.

  Who are Fixers?
Fixers are those people who will guide you and be your facilitator in the field. A fixer manages your travel, your stay in the location, becomes a translator to make a swift communication between the client and the locals. They have a very good knowledge about the location and the attitude of local people.

  Fixers rate in Nepal?
The rate depends according to the situation and the location where the fixer is assisting.

  How to get Jornalist Visa?
Best option for a Visa to come by Nepal is a Tourist Visa. You can directly get a Visa in the airport, which is called on arrival Visa. Journalist visa is necessary for some issues to be covered which are sensitive and controversial. To get a journalist Visa, you just need a recommendation letter from the media where you work, a press card, couple of photos and some pieces of the writings or photographs that you have recently worked in. You cannot get the journalist visa directly, since there are no any provisions for that. You just arrive with your normal visa, and then we will do the rest. The arrival visa is not given to these countries. (AFG, IRQ, CMR, GHA, SOM, SWZ, PSE, ZWE, NGA, ETH, LBR).