A devastating earthquake of 7.8 Richter scale rattled Nepal in 2016, it destroyed lives and communities. Lots of people were reported missing. During such a time Kathmandu Films worked with Swiss TV, Switzerland to help them research about the villages which were destroyed and also helped them find some missing people. We partnered with SWISS TV to film, produce and provide proper information during this difficult time. Heading to Gorkha one of the most affected areas at the time was devastating, however we were adamant to help people through the work we do. We maneuvered through the damage roads and houses, moving through the chaos of aftershocks to deliver. After hours of life risking trekking expeditions we would would reach our destination and gather our efforts to provide accurate information that became pivotal assets when carrying out relief work and documentation for the SWISS TV.

As part of our corporate social responsibility we also donated tents to the locals who had no homes due to the destruction that the Earthquake had caused. We are very proud that we had this opportunity to face the reality and humbled that we persevered for the greater good.