During the year of 2016, a devastating earthquake (7.8 Richter scale) hit Nepal, which destroyed many houses and lives. Lots of people were reported missing. Kathmandu Films worked with Swiss TV, Switzerland to help them research about the villages which were destroyed and also helped them find the people. We worked as the filming and production partner and helped them carry out the proper information during this difficult time. We went to one of the most affected places, Gorkha, where the earthquake had completely destroyed the village.

This was a different experience for us. The roads, houses were damaged due to the earthquake and it was really difficult to carry the crew to different places when the damages were still visible. The aftershocks were still in effect. We faced landslides and really slippery roads on our journey. After the life-risking traveling experience, we went on a 10-hour trek and finally set up a camp and started our work. We faced a number of problems including locals who were aggressive for not getting supplies to angry political leaders who were corrupt. We spent most of our time documenting the lives of local people and their experiences during and after the earthquake. We discovered that they had to travel for six hours to get a handful of supplies every day.

The feeling of helping people and gathering genuine information which could be used to carry out rescue programs got us going to help film and produce this documentary for Swiss TV. We also donated tents to the locals who had no home due to the destruction that the Earthquake had caused. We are very proud that we had this opportunity to face the reality and are very grateful for our experience.