We handled the complete filming and fixing during the project for Tima Films. Solar Energy, which was carried out in 2015, it was a documentary about schools that depended on this form of energy for every day operations in the rural parts of Nepal. As filmmakers each new project brings in an opportunity to learn, as we charted unfamiliar subjects of solar energy and its possibilities we were blown away with how much this form of energy helped rural communities. Based on gathered experience of the few schools present in the area, a challenge on its own we might add, we worked hard to showcase the impact solar energy had on these students. Working in rural Nepal brings with itself challenges of limited infrastructure, when filming this could be bring about big disadvantages. However, with collective effort of our team and detailed understanding of remote areas we were quickly able to eradicate any problems we faced, big or small. At last, it was all in all a fun project where we provided a complete filming solution from scripting, camera, and production.