Project Honey Hunting was a year long assignment that stretched from carried out in 2015-2016. The project with France TV required us to meet their initial fixing, equipment, working on ideas, scripting, line producing, accommodation, transportation and filming needs. This was the most dangerous filming & line-producing experiences that our team has ever encountered till date. We started with location scouting (3000 meters above the sea level) with a long trek which roughly took us two days trek to get to. We faced the dangers of coming across wild honey bees, snow leopards and other wild animals. Had to coordinate with the local honey hunter for the filming process. This documentary was well recognized in different channels all over the world. In the process of creating we often come in contact with exceptional communities, this was such project where our company thoroughly enjoyed interaction with the brave honey hunters. On behalf of our filming company, we salute the honey hunters for their fearlessness, extracting such medicinal nectars for the greater good of human beings.