We worked with Spot creative (USA) for Bloomberg Foundation and provided them with a complete filming solution in Nepal. Dealing with all the equipment, provided filming expertise, accommodation, and transportation to the client. This project was a huge success and it concerned of a sensitive topic of Global Tobacco Control.

Given the impact this project could have, we wanted to produce content that was of high value to viewers. Hence, we arranged interviews with the Prime Minister of the time, Sushil Koirala and other ministers, government officials, NGO/INGO representatives to get their perspective about the newly formed tobacco control programs launched in Nepal. The reach was impeccable with this one and as a company we grew considerably in experience having to deal with such high profile individuals. There was a strict time limitation and the setup had to be arranged within a couple of minutes for the interview which included lights and sounds. This experience tested our logistic team but later we delivered quality content. In the end, it was a noble experience working with such influential people in Nepal as well as the renowned Bloomberg Foundation.