Kathmandu Films worked with Threesixzero Production Pte Ltd., Singapore for the research of a sensitive topic ‘Child Labour’. We filmed this documentary at Janakpur which is one of the underdeveloped city of Nepal to show the world how the laws are violated and a larger number of children are taken into hard labor at hotels, vehicles.

In this filming experience, we faced a numerous amount of problems that would challenge our team on a daily basis. As for the Brick Factory owners they had clear knowledge that they had been violating Child Labor Laws which would result in many arguments and permission matters for filming at factory based locations. At certain situations, Brick factory owners would have become aggressive and even started threating our team but it was our job to make the filming experience run smoothly so we did what was necessary.

At the time of the shoot, due to hygienic issues of the location at (Janakpur) most of the teams members had become sick due to the situations and faced health issues but still continued to film and achieve the target which was necessary in order to the greater good.

For this filming experience we handled and provided all equipment’s, filming expertise and a complete filming solution to our clients including accommodation and transportation in order to initiate this filming target and it went very well.