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The Google : Polarsteps Project With Gramafilms

To be recognized in the global scale had always been a dream of ours, and over the years working with many international clients has allowed for this dream to be materialized. Our international standards of working is what enabled us to reach that goal and we were over the moon when one such company Grama flims, one of the best london based creative agency reached out to us be a part of their filming in Nepal.

The Google: Polarsteps project with Gramafilms was a chance for our company to learn, grow and provide some vital filming in Nepal tips to one of the creative agencies out there! To say that we were thrilled to be a part of this team would be an understatement.

Here is a walkthrough of our Journey with Gramafilms and Algor Lieman the man with immense creative talent!

Lets give you sneak peak of how we make things happen!


Adjust To Last Minute Changes!

Our initial plans were to shoot the film in Kathmandu. But, the plans changed and the next morning, we were all on a bus to Pokhara. Having been a part of the industry for so long there is no question we are used these changes and embraced it with full vigour and excitement!


Rain, Rain Go Away? Please We Need to Film. Seriously.

The location change was not the only thing that would catch off guard, the heavy rain that followed the day we were supposed to film did as well. But, did that stop us? If you know us, you know that “rain never bothered us anyway” or any weather conditions to be honest. Hence, amidst that rain we started our filming on the road on our way to Sarangkot. Our cameraman, Tiago, was wearing a special harness to film through the open door of a moving van. The roads were narrow and difficult, but we pulled in our creative abilities and made it happen.


The Filming Begin!

After getting some filler shots, it was time for the real deal. Finally, the filming day was here!It was around 5 in the morning when we left for the shoot. The road to our location was ruined by the rain last night, we had to leave our bigger cars behind. So, we took the four-wheel vehicles with us and filmed our travellers. We knew all the hassle in the long run would be worth it and it seemed true with the warm welcome we received at Pumdi Bhumdi.


Greeting From Breathtaking Damauli

Our next location was much farther from Pokhara. We left early in the morning and reached the riverside of Damauli. And trust us when we say this — everything about Damauli is beautiful.

The rivers running. The beautiful highway. The cool wind. Just about everything! We filmed all day by the river and returned to the hotel in the evening. On our way back,
one of the vehicles broke down but we had contingencies planned for that. Finally, the whole team united back at the hotel by 10 in the evening. We were all enjoying everything about the shoot despite the challenges.

Who won this ? The Cruel weather or Our Team at Kathmandu Films?

The weather had been cruel to us ever since we started this journey. Our hopes to get the perfect shot of the himalayas even brought us to Pokhara. Our persistence to find the perfect shot had us atop Sarangkot Hill by 4:30 am, we did everything in our power to deliver and win our war against the cruel weather. Turns out all that perseverance was worth it as we produced quality end results that impressed both of our clients, Google and Gramafilms.