A project on reckless driving if made well can educate hundreds of people and eventually save their life. We knew this which is why when assisting ITV with the production of this project, worked hard to bring forth stark realities of driving dangerously, in dangerous roads. Nepal’s underdeveloped status is a reality that is often faced by its citizens in the forms of poorly constructed roads. There are narrow roads with sharp turns, which are prone to landslides and flood. Additionally, the highway drivers who drive these areas have a limited educational background which results in dangerous driving and excessive risk taking, not the best mix when working in some of the most poorly constructed roads. As a production house we worked on shedding light on the problem. However, the work had to be done tactfully as most drivers were not very fond of the project. So, we had to use our smart persuasion skills to handle the situation.

We often change job roles when working, sometimes as filmmakers and other times as mediators, this was one experience were we practiced many such skills. As for services with ITV we provided them with all rounded filming solution and scouting.