Suraj Kyashyap

As CEO of the company, he is responsible for overall management. He has more than 15 years of experience in leadership role in different industries. He has proven himself on developing new avenues of business expansion, sales and marketing strategies to ensure strong bottom line growth of the company. He is passionate towards social initiative and indulge in various social activities. He has very good understanding of filming and production requirement of international and domestic clients.

Shailesh Joshi

With his wealth of knowledge in technical field, he brings in new ideas and technologies to be implemented on digital platform. He is passionate and hardworking individual who has utmost love for the gadgets.

Himsheela Bharati

She thrives the world of filming, motion graphics and animation hence this passion leads her to be an experiential and perpetual creative individual. With over 12 years in the creative industry, she welcomes any given challenge and executes her visions with utmost quality.

Digbijaya Bharati

of Kathmandu Films Pvt Ltd and is known globally known as a Line-Producer, Production Manager, Logistical Head & Investigator and has also thrived for perfection in his filming career and specializes on business expansion and with more than 10 years working experience in filming sector.

Chandan Jha

of Kathmandu Films Pvt Ltd and is globally known as a Director, Line-Producer and Fixer in Nepal who has a eye for perfection and has handled over 200 international companies varying from channels to film makers and has received nothing but compliments for himself in the last 13 years.