A Production company consists of production teams, a group of technical staff who produce media. The team consists of all the individuals (Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Production Designer, Art Director, Costume Designers, Cinematographer, Editors, Actors, Music Supervisors, Choreographer, etc.) responsible for the technical aspects of creating of a particular product, regardless of where in the process their expertise is required, or how long they are involved in the project.

A production company may be directly responsible for any fundraising required for production through either a parent company, partner, or private investor. The Production Company handles budgeting, scheduling, scripting, the organization of staff, production, post-production, distribution, and marketing.

Years of dedication in the field has made Kathmandu Films the best production house in Nepal. And we assure you that we give nothing less than the best. Our collaborations with international agencies to develop impactful films have furnished an eminent touch to our service.

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