A Director is the one with the vision for the film while Line Producers are the ones that have in-depth knowledge of filmmaking processes. They have experience in scheduling and budgeting the film. They have great communication skill and are diplomatic in almost all the situations which lead them to have great industry contacts.

The Line producers job is to meet the creative vision of the director within the financial resources available. Being able to do this shows that line producers have great planning skills and are a good team leader.

Line producer is one of the first people to be employed on a film’s production team as they are in charge of all the business aspects of the production of films. They assess and break the cost of production for each day’s shoot while also breaking down the screenplay into a timetable for the film shoot which shows the timeframe of each scene. During pre-production, they work with the Director, Production Manager, First Assistant Director, Art Director and other Heads of Department to prepare production schedule, budget, and set the shoot date.

Kathmandu Films offers full line services for your film production. Our team manages all the line production tasks of all operations for your feature film, TV production, TV commercial or any other video production. We handle the complete planning of the making of your film from pre-production to post-production.

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