Cinematographers work closely with the directors. They are the masters in the arts of telling a visual story; also known as the director of photography. They have ample knowledge of what equipment is required for the shoot (camera, lighting, lenses, filters, etc) to meet the vision requirement of the director.

Cinematographers have a distinct perception of how one can manipulate camera angles and other factors to create the perfect visual representation. They also have the ideas for placement of camera (the type of camera depending on the type of shot) and the lighting devices along with which camera that would result in a perfect shot.

Cinematographers are basically magicians when it comes to creating a perfect visual representation with their expertise to bring the character to life. They integrate several effects in photographs (still and motion photography) which fulfills the requirement of the directors and the producers. They stick from the start of the pre-production to the end of post-production, directing the whole technical production crew while looking into the screenplay as well.

The visual experts in Kathmandu Films can help your brand gain vision and spread your message through captivating videos. We ensure to portray your message beautifully through the art of cinematography through the best cinematographers we have on our team.

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