It is crucial in any film that it contains a good quality of visual effects (VFX), and sound effects (SFX) so that the intent of the message can be perceived by the viewers. The same shot can be made jolly or horrific with the help of VFX and SFX.

Then again, Specialization in VFX and SFX requires one to be as creative and imaginative as possible with fresh and original ideas, while being proficient in using Professional VFX software such as Maya, Cinema 4D or Nuke. There will be a need of on-set experience so that it may be used to discern where the VFX and SFX should be created and used in the final composite. This will be made possible when the professional working will be willing to work beyond the traditional work schedule. The specialization in VFX and SFX is the manipulation of photography, illustration, graphics, and typography to execute creative ideas and meet a brief.

VFX and SFX include creating all sort of digital contents from 2D and 3D animations. Architectural visualization and seamless visual effects are integrated which also includes chroma keying, set extension, tracking, Live Action 3D integration and particle FX. Fire, water, air, and smoke effects are some examples.

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