Films come to life when it has got a vision to follow. The Directors of the Film/Documentary have an exceptional artistic vision and creative skills with unerring commitment and passion for filmmaking. They have an extensive understanding of the entire filmmaking process, from both the technical and creative point of view.

These are some of the attributes of the directors that make them strong and confident leaders and help them be decisive. They delegate and collaborate with others through their amazing communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills. Their enthusiasm in their work is what motivates the team. They pay attention to the tiniest details and keep their calm under great pressure. They believe in themselves, their vision, and are determined to succeed. Directors are responsible to translate the film’s written script into actual images and sounds on the screen while making a crucial decision on selecting cast, crews, and locations for the film.

Kathmandu Film’s team of directors and creatives can plan and film your documentary/film anywhere in Nepal. We can either help you in coming up with ideas or produce your concept with our experienced team of directors, creatives, and producers.

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