Kathmandu Films Collaboration With Lulu Sanders

Kathmandu Films has been providing total film support and service in Nepal since 2007 and we take pride in our flexibility to work to suit all kinds of budget. Services like Line Production, Fixing, Translation, Research, Location, Logistic support and Investigation among others make us a complete and one stop filming service provider in Nepal.

We collaborated with Lulu Sanders from LA, USA filming her reality TV show called ‘Celebrity Charity Exposed’, which was majorly focused on showing what celebrities are doing for charities. The Nepal edition showcased the contributions of Petra Nemcova a Czech model and television host, who tragically lost her fiancé in a tsunami. This event impacted her life greatly and she decided to found the ‘Happy Hearts Fund’, a charity with the aim to help natural calamity- inflicted people all around the world.


The Notable Fund Affecting Hundreds

Happy Hearts Fund, in collaboration with All Hands Volunteers, has been building schools all around Nepal, after the country was shaken and devastated by the major earthquake of April 2015. We traveled to Sindhupalchowk and Nuwakot, the most affected districts, where we witness the massive impact this project has made. With a shoot schedule of 3 days and constant travelling we were able to capture the essence of the charity by interviewing teachers and students.


A Good heart bridges all barriers

There were memorable moments throughout the journey. One such experience was when we witnessed the construction of Shree Bachchhala Devi School in Nuwakot, where volunteers from over 28 countries have gathered to build the school in less that for around 3 months and people from everywhere were wearing traditional Dhaka Topi, during the School Handover Program, immersing themselves into the local culture.


Filming Is The Most Prominent Way To Showcase Noble Work

It was great to be part of this project, it was highly fulfilling to know that our filming would help highlight the efforts of so many people, help others appreciate the effort of Petra Nemcova. A lot of filming is educating the masses, we hope that this project did just that educate on the importance of charity work and prompted those who watched it to take action as well.