A film fixer in Pokhara would fulfill a similar role to one in Kathmandu but specifically within the context of the Pokhara region. They would assist filmmakers in navigating the unique challenges and opportunities presented by filming in and around Pokhara. This could include tasks such as obtaining permits for filming in specific locations, arranging transportation and accommodation for the crew, hiring local talent and crew members, coordinating with local authorities and communities, and addressing any logistical issues that may arise during the production process.

Given Pokhara’s natural beauty and diverse landscapes, a film fixer in this region might also specialize in arranging access to scenic locations such as the Phewa Lake, the Annapurna Range, or the World Peace Pagoda, among others, and ensuring that filmmakers can capture the stunning visuals of the area while adhering to local regulations and customs. Their local knowledge and connections would be instrumental in helping filmmakers make the most of their filming experience in Pokhara.