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Travel Essentials: Nepal (Part II)


Nepal is one of the world’s more crime-free countries, but it would be unwise not to take a few simple precautions. The main concern is petty theft. Store valuables in your hotel safe, close windows or grilles at night in cities to deter “fishing”, and use a money belt or pouch around your neck. Some public bus routes have reputations for baggage theft. Pickpockets (often street children) operate in crowded urban areas, especially during festivals; be vigilant. If you •


Travel Essentials: Nepal (Part I)


Kids always help break the ice with strangers, and Nepal can be a magical place for a child to visit. Arranging childcare is easy, and Nepalis generally love kids. Some children (especially those with fair skin and blond hair) may be uncomfortable with the endless attention, however. Parents will of course have to take extra precautions in the light of Nepal’s poor sanitation, dogs, crowds, traffic, pollution, bright sun, rooftops and steep slopes. It may be hard to ke •


Filming in Nepal: History

History of Nepali Film Industry

Even though Nepal does not have a very long film history, the industry has its own place in the cultural heritage of the country. Most of the Nepali films use Bollywood-style songs and narrative, and are shot on 16-millimeter film. In the film industry idiom, Kathmandu, the capital and the center of the Nepali-language film industry, is called Kollywood within Nepal (different than India’s Tamil-language film industry, Kollywood, based in Chennai). •


Celebrity Charity Exposed

Kathmandu Films Collaboration

Kathmandu Films begins with the promise of rising to the occasion and delivering the best service to our clients. We value our clients the most and we are very conscious of the fact that relationship building is the key to success and that can only be achieved through transparent and professional conduct. Kathmandu Films has been providing total film support and service in Nepal since 2007 and we take pride in our flexibility to work to suit all kinds of b •


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