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Nepal is a small landlocked country located in South Asia. But, neither its size nor it lack of surrounding waters is an indicative of of what the country can offer. Despite being a relatively small country, Nepal’s geographical built and diversity have pulled in many visionaries who use the help the beauty of country to add value to their storytelling. The diversity in Nepal results in a unique, adaptive filming environment. Equipped with green hills, towering himalayas, icy glaciers, striking turquoise lakes, dusky plains and more, Nepal provides great potential and opportunities for filmmakers.

The quality of scenic backdrops the country provides is near perfect, but with this pursuit of perfection the filmmakers also have to weather some struggles. Nepal’s developing infrastructure, geographical complexity can be a cause of significant distress for filmmakers. This where Kathmandu Films comes into the picture. Since 2007, we have been working in the sector of fixing, line production, translation, filming and the likes of it all to assist you in a easy filming experience in the country. Our well-experienced team of professionals are there to tackle all your fixing, producing and filming needs in Nepal. Providing expert opinions and assistance, guiding you through the difficult terrains of the country with ease.

If these are not reasons enough to join us, we do not know what is. Contact us to know more about what we can offer you.

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Any Questions?

VISA for Tourist

You will get arrival Visa but no arrival visa for country list (AFG,IRQ,CMR,GHA,SOM,SWZ,PSE,ZWE,NGA,ETH,LBR)

The foreign tourist visiting Nepal shall be granted the tourist visa.

  • The tourist visa shall be granted for a period in maximum of 150 days in a visa year (Visa years means January to December).
  • A tourist who has departed before the expiry of the period specified in the visa issued in a visa year shall not be allowed to use the visa by adding the remaining period to another visa year.
  • If any foreigner who has entered into Nepal towards the end of a visa year desires to spend even the period during which he may stay in Nepal with the tourist visa of the other visa year, he may use such facility. Provided, however, that the computation of the fees for such period shall be made on the basis of the total period of his stay. In order to avoid long queues and unnecessary problems, kindly submit a complete Online Visa Application form to the Immigration Authority of Nepal in your first attempt! To do that, here are few things you need to prepare: Link: http://online.nepalimmigration.gov.np/tourist-visa
  • Please keep your valid passport at hand.
  • Ready a recent digital photograph (size: 1.5” x 1.5”) in your removable device to upload your photograph for the application.
  • Gather beforehanda a detailed permanent residence address, andb detailed address in Nepal.
  • You need to provide telephone numbers—land­line and mobile.
  • You need to provide your email address too.
  • The submitted application will remain in the system for 15 days. After 15 days, the application will be deleted automatically from the system.
  • Once the application is successfully submitted, a receipt will be sent to your email immediately.
  • Print the receipt and keep it with you as you need to produce it before the Immigration Authority.
  • For your convenience, the deadline to contact the Immigration Authority will be mentioned in the receipt.
  • The receipt also mentions about the documents you need to produce before the Immigration Authority.
  • Please contact the Immigration Authority within 15 days after the submission of application.
  • For example, if you submit your extension application today, and your visa is expiring the next day, on the third day if you visit the Department of Immigration, you will have to pay late fee of that day. In order to prevent this sort of hassle, please submit your extension application on time and get your visa renewed before crossing the expiry date.
  • When you contact the Immigration Authority, please make sure you have the receipt and proper documents with you including the necessary fee.

VISA for Journalist

To apply for a journalist visa, you first need to take tourist visa to Nepal

Requirements with application for press accreditation to foreign Journalist

  • Postal stamp of Rs. 10 and 4 copies of photograph.
  • Copy of passport and recent visa.
  • Resume (CV)
  • Recommendation of the concerned media (Addressed to the Director General, Dept. of the information, Kathmandu, Nepal)
  • Recommendation of the concerning embassy/consulate general or ministry offoreign affairs of concerning country.
  • Copy of press ID (Media/International press card)
  • Copy of contract paper/appointment letter.
  • Experience – statement of journalist activities. (If following not in Englishlanguage, also submit brief translation of the news/article in English or Nepali language.)
  • Published news and article in the newspaper/magazine.
  • Record of broadcasting news report from TV/Radio
  • Published material in online print.
  • If applicant has hi/her family in Nepal needs non tourist visa for them have to submit additional requirement like photographs, copy of marriage certificate, birth certificate, and recommendation from embassy.
  • If any others (Which will be support to be the proof)
  • Accreditation fee (After the decision):
  • Press accreditation Rs. 1500
  • Temporary Press accreditation Rs. 900
  • If applicant has already press accreditation card issued by DOI are requested to submit quarterly progress report for further renewal.