Kathmandu Films worked with ARM Investigation USA and conducted a detailed research of places in Nepal and India where Animal Rights Abuse was rampant. The two year project involved a lot of undercover investigation. We learnt varied ways to implement a research and materialize it to photo/video documentation in India (Sonpur & Jaipur) and in Nepal (Birgunj); where animal rights were violated. The conclusion drawn from the investigation was that most mass slaughters were due to festivals, religious activities and financial benefits. It was utterly heartbreaking to see large numbers of animals being caged, sold and slaughtered. We discovered out the illegal trade of animals, their parts and captured them through photo and video documentation.

An investigative piece like this came with many unions and government bodies that did not cooperate with us. Even the policemen would not follow the law but blindly support their own beliefs from their religion. The weather did not cooperate either shooting up to 45 degrees (Celsius) most days. However, regardless all of this we managed to use our persuasion and quick decision making to gather as much as evidence as possible. At the end of the day, we contributed heavily with research to contribute to the end of illegal animal trading and slaughtering in the name of religion. It is a project we are extremely proud of as it was for a great notable cause.